Coming Soon pages - building a buzz for your business

Create a Coming Soon page for your new website or website redesign

Do you have your domain name ready to go but you just need to get your content together for your new website? Or maybe you’re already a few days (or weeks, hopefully not) into your new website design and you are frustrated that you can’t have ‘something up’ in the meantime?

Coming Soon pages are a great way to have a temporary presence while you work on the rest of your site. You can use it to build a buzz about your upcoming site and to generate leads for your business.

I launched one this week for a new client who is still finalising her content preparation and awaiting her custom photography. I don’t know why, but I get such a thrill out of Coming Soon pages. They always look super smart and are a sign of all the good things to come with the new website.

The one above is very plain, but we wanted to really show off the new branding that I did for coach Caoimhe Harrison. As you scroll down the page, a Contact button appears with a simple link to Caoimhe’s email.


Collecting Emails While Your Website is Being Designed

There are lots of reasons you might want to put up a "coming soon" or "under construction" page on your website, but it is important that you don’t lose potential leads with a blank page when people type in your domain name. That’s why a Coming Soon page is a great idea! You can capture emails via a form linked to MailChimp for example, or you can simply invite site visitors to email you directly if you prefer.

Under Construction Web Page by LucyDesigns.png

Coming Soon Page Design Options

You can also use your Coming Soon page to publicise your social media links to encourage sharing, upload audio or video files, or give a whole paragraph of text if you wish. The important thing is to provide a clear Call to Action, with beautiful graphics and ideally capture those leads through an email signup form.

Coming Soon Page LucyDesigns.png

Get your own Under Construction Page

I offer a Coming Soon page to all my clients, as part of my web design package. It means you can have a stylish presence almost instantly while I work on designing the rest of your fabulous website!