Optimising your 404 page

Google loves big websites with lots of pages and plenty of relevant, fresh content. However it does not like dead pages or links that go no-where. Sometimes as your site grows and you add new pages or move things around, some of the internal links within your site get broken and your visitors get the dismal “404, link not found” page.

Generally this does not make a good impression to your visitors; they are left thinking “hmmm, this site isn’t great, they can’t even get their links between their pages right’. But it happens! So, how can you turn this error into an opportunity? Well, you always have the option to design your 404 page exactly as you would design any other page, with the messaging and imagery that you want.

Here are some cool examples:


By designing your page to reflect your brand and your business, you have the opportunity to talk to your visitors and redirect them to important pages or to your contact page. This will encourage your visitors to stay longer on your site and give them a much better user experience, both of which are things Google recognises and loves.

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