Time To Get Writing!

Only four weeks to go til I finish up my BCs degree in Digital Technology and Design, so my plans to start blogging have been put on hold til I finish that. Still, I thought I would get the ball rolling with this first short piece!

It’s been a productive year, to say the least, and I have learnt so much that I’m really excited about putting it all into practice. I’ve worked on great design jobs and recently launched a new website for Composer and Pianist David Munro. I took a short term contract in an internal communications role to see how I liked that, I’ve been involved in the most amazing Debussy centenary festival “Ireland’s Tombeau to Debussy”, and of course I have been studying Global Digital Marketing, Tech Sales, Agile Methodology, Entrepreneurship, Innovation and so much more, as part of the degree course. My brain is brimming with new ideas and information - it’s just great!

Anyway, more to come on all of that. I just thought I’d put this out there, to get started!

Thanks for reading!