The Cost of Selling Tickets Online

Several of my clients sell tickets for their concerts and events online and have been successfully using Eventbrite for this purpose. I help them set up their Eventbrite account and manage it for all their ticket-sales requirements.

However…Eventbrite recently increased their service fees, particularly for events that have more than one ticket-type, and this is really beginning to hurt my clients. So, I had a look at the statistics on their Evenbrite dashboards and found that on average only 15% of their ticket-buyers were going directly to the Eventbrite to buy their tickets for the concert or festival. The other 85% were getting there via the event organiser’s own website, by clicking on the Eventbrite link. That begs the question as to whether it is worth sending these clients away from your website in the first place.

It is possible to sell your tickets directly from your website, without using Eventbrite, Ticketmaster or any other third party sellers. Yes, you do pay a processing fee to Stripe and/or PayPal and, depending on how old your Squarespace website it, you may have to pay Squarespace a fee too. But it is worth comparing costs.

Eventbrite currently has three packages with fees ranging from 4% + €0.49 per paid ticket to 5.5% + €0.69 per paid ticket, as well as a Premium package Premium which is tailored for organisers with large and complex events.

If you sell tickets directly from your Squarespace site, you are looking at the following payment processing fees:

Stripe: 1.4% +0.25 for European cards

PayPal: 4.4% + 0.35 fees

Plus potentially a Squarespace fee 3% or none, depending on your plan.

So, time to do the maths! Maybe the return on your Eventbrite investment is not paying off, depending on where your customers are coming from. The other downside of course of using an external provider is that they get to keep your customers’ details. If people buy online using your site, you can offer them the option of signing up for your newsletter or blog so you can tell them all about your next concerts, events or whatever it is you would like to promote to them!